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New England's Organic Lawn and Garden Company
It's all Green at "Yard Spice"
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Organic Lawn Care
Lawn Mowing / Cutting
Lawn Renovation
New Lawn
Power Washing
Insect Control
Garden Service
Lawn Aerating
Block, Brick or Stone
Snow Service
Patios and Decks
Organic Lawn Care Applications for the saftey of your family and pets
Week or Bi-Week service to keep your property looking neat and clean
Don't get soaked with the high price of a new lawn. Lawn renovation will improve lawns that seem to have gone sour
We plant new lawns to avoid a lawn full of weeds. If you need an instant lawn, we do sod also
Mechanical applications, aeration or detaching is available. Aeration allows the lawn to be soft and pass water to the roots, while detaching removes old and dead grass. When doing either one, seeding is essential
The over use of chemicals to control insects are becoming less effective. Organic Control does not kill them, but keeps them away from areas where we don't want them to be
If you need a rock wall rebuilt, or a new one. Or maybe a new walkway or patio. Our workmanship will allow years of joy.
With today conservation of saving water and preventing run off. Organic landscaping makes sence.
On time service with the right equipment, can keep you Mobile when you need to be.
Rotor-tilling, planting, insect control. building raised beds, compost addtions
Outdoor living includes decks, porches, and patios. Using lifetime material from recycled milk containers create a place to enjoy spring and summer
A dirty house will ruin your property's neat appearance. House, deck, patio, driveway, walkway or fence, we clean them all
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